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My app is getting deleting itself

Hello, my roku application that I created is deleting itself after the roku 8 update. I didn't receive any email notification after getting deleted. I reuploaded the pkg file . and after some hours, it got deleted.
the app is fully scene graph and everything is working fine.

the analytics shows "0" errors "1 warning about an image file"

is it because, my app is not compatible ? or is it because of copy right issues ?

i have images hosted in thirdparty sites.
and a few apis im using is also third party.

will somebody help
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Re: My app is getting deleting itself

please help me out
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Roku Guru

Re: My app is getting deleting itself

maybe make a new package and create a new private channel to test it out.  I had an issue not long ago where including a .git folder in my channel zip created a Roku channel package that could never get loaded onto a Roku, even though system update says it's installing the channel every time.  Based on that experience I suggest to make sure there are no extra folders / hidden folders or files in your build.
hope it may help.
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