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Channel Surfer

Catalog Screen Poster Borders

 Can anyone give me an idea on how to add borders to my poster images on the home screen?  I would rather do it programmatically then edit the images individually.  These are the posters that display for the main categories on home screen.  I'm using the videoplayer-channel-master sample.  A code sample would be appreciated.  Thanks!
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Roku Guru

Re: Catalog Screen Poster Borders

if you don't care about anything fancy, you can just do a rectangle background, maybe something like this.

<poster id="background" color="0xffffffff" width="110" height="310"/>
<poster id="movieposter" url="myUrl" width="100" height="300" translation="[5,5]"/>

If you need something fancier you can do this by creating a "9-patch" image that gets expanded and used as your background / border.  This can give you gradient/ rounded border.
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