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Issue Enabling Dev App

I have two Roku's a 1 and a Premier Plus

Neither one will get the Dev App installed....first time I do it with a password it reboots and then when you go back to dev mode it is asking to enable it again.

It should have a disable/change password option if it is installed correct?

I found this out because I cant access it through web after installing and now I am in a constant loop where when going into Dev Mode the only option is to Enable and restart.

I have done 3 factory Resets as well

What is going on?
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Re: Issue Enabling Dev App

Is there possibly a bug in the new firmware? Anyone else having this issue?
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Roku Employee
Roku Employee

Re: Issue Enabling Dev App

that is strange.
email partnerSuccess at for help, so they can check if there is something wrong with your account.
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