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Channel Surfer

How did I fail the screensaver test?

I am excitedly making progress toward rebuilding by former Direct Publisher channel.  I recently got deep linking working, and passed static analysis.  Now I'm on to the channel behavior analysis.

I immediately failed the first test, telling me "Channels are prohibited from overriding or interfering with Roku's system screensaver. See Roku’s Screensaver Policy."

I have no idea what I did to deserve that. This is a very basic "Play videos out of a JSON feed" app, based heavily on the example code.  There's no references to screen saver anything in my code or the deep linking example I've been using for reference.

Can somebody translate for me what I actually broke here and how I might fix it?

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Community Streaming Expert

Re: How did I fail the screensaver test?

Can you package and upload the original sample unchanged to see if it triggers that error?

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Channel Surfer

Re: How did I fail the screensaver test?

I guess my confusion is -- does Roku think my app is a screensaver for some reason? Does it always run that test for every app? What exactly is it testing?  The documentation is great for describing what a screensaver is and what functions it calls (and what manifest attributes), but I have none of those. So I'm stuck as to how to debug. 

That's all I can think, that somehow something about my app makes the automated testing think it's a screensaver and then of course it's not implemented correctly as a screensaver.

Roku Guru

Re: How did I fail the screensaver test?

Check your manifest. You need to clear out any references to screensaver there as well.

Reel Rookie

Re: How did I fail the screensaver test?

By chance did you figure it out because I am having the same issue? 

Streaming Star

Re: How did I fail the screensaver test?

When i couldn't get past the screensaver i noticed it was showing the screensaver i installed on my new roku device i just bought. i reset my wallpaper to factory settings and killed my screensaver while testing my channel.

i then re ziped my test channel and sideloaded it then i packaged it for testing and it passed.

all i have left now is deep linking. 

i just watched the tutourial video on youtube and it scrambled my brain.

deep linking is definitely going to be a weekend job since trying to do that after work is a great way to get a migrain.

hope the screensaver tip helps.

good luck!

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