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Level 8

Give me your thoughts on my pre-alpha game build. :D

So the other day I was thinking about what other fun Roku games I could develop, and that's when this beautiful idea for a game came into my head.

If you play games on your phone you've probably played temple run. The game is extremely fun and yet it only uses 4 controls (up, down, left, right), none of which need to be pressed at the same time (important when it comes to brightscript right now). So, simple enough, make a side scrolling runner where you need to dodge up, down, left or right to avoid obsticals...

Here's where it gets fun! The obstacles aren't generated by the computer, but rather your friend sitting beside you on his phone or laptop Smiley Very Happy . His goal is to spawn the obsticals in either a difficult sequence or simply difficult timing, essentially whatever he can do to trip you up Smiley Tongue . You may think that sounds fun, but it's a long shot and difficult to develop. Well it's not necessarily easy, but it's not horrible either.

And that brings me to the links...
Click here to install on your Roku ->
Click here to spawn the obsticals ->

Just put in the IP address of your Roku and you can spawn obsticals that the other player has either press down to duck under or press up to jump over.

Obviously this is very very very early stages of development. The end result would be a full featured game along with an app, instead of a jumping block and a webpage with a bit of javascript. I just whipped up this prototype to see if 1. It's possible and 2. If people like the idea and would enjoy a full featured game.

Let me know your thoughts!
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