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Level 8

Re: Developer portal pain points?

#1) The entire backend portal was designed by Satan.   90% of my visits are to check sales and analytics but they are buried under multiple clicks.   Once I finally get to where I'm going, its a list with a huge font and I have to keep scrolling just to get basic information like the number of subscribers or VOD rentals.   Then I have to back up to the main page, and dig over into the channel analytics area.

#2) The Analytics Area - I'm not asking for much information or fancy graphs.   I just want to see numbers, and basic information on the graph without having to navigate through multiple areas.   And why isn't the sales data included in the system?   Seems if I could use Roku's system to break down my Income per Visitor, etc, it would make my life easier.   As it stands now, I have to export everything to a CSV, combine with the sales data and then do the formulas in Excel.  

#3)  Lack of any Roku Ads information.    I already get the email reports, but they only tell me the impressions, no dollar amount.   This leaves me guessing for an entire quarter on what my revenues will be. 

#4) The backend design.... ugh.   Please, for the love of all things web, higher a proper UX designer.   Every time I login to the Dashboard, it feels like I just stepped on Star Trek Enterprise.. and I mean the 1960's one, not the new one.    It hurts my head and it's not at all functional.   

Other than that, I do appreciate how Roku has been working on making the developer relations better.   The fact they are asking us our opinion is a huge step forward.  

Now where is the "Direct Publisher pain points" thread....  that's going to be an entire novel.
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Level 7

Re: Developer portal pain points?

View Analytics is not clear:
- The chart displays the number of minutes watched for a period of time (week, month) is a line chart. To represent a period of time, it should be bar-chart.
- Because of above item, it's really confusing when clicking on the latest week (or month). Today is Oct 22nd, when I choose "Month" and move to the latest item (meaning Oct 1), it shows the number of minutes watched for Oct 1, 2017; why it's for Oct 1, 2017? Then after quite a long observation period, I understand that it's the number of minutes watch from Oct 1 to Oct 22nd.
- How is the number of minutes/installed calculated for each geo location? Is it based on IP address of the device or the address of user account setting?

For page (not developer page):
- When I go to the website and search my channel and click on my channel icon, it shows a pair of the number of rating and average rating. If I type the full address to my channel (i.e:[my_channel_number_here], it shows another pair of the number of rating and average rating. The info are not matched.
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Level 11

Re: Developer portal pain points?

on dev contact, The "I'm not a robot" captcha just spins and spins. well after filling out the form, that's frustrating.  :evil:
Maybe I am a robot?  Tried 2 different browsers and 2 different versions of the site:
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Level 9

Re: Developer portal pain points?

I would like the ability to reverse back to the previous version of my application without needing to go through the approval process (the previous version was already approved). Let's say I release a new version and as soon as is published my users report that is broken and nothing works. I would have to send the prev version, wait for the Roku to approve it and only then my users can use it again. 
Rolling back to the previous version should be as easy as click a button, answer a question "Are you sure you want to roll back?". That's is all.
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