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Streaming Radio within Channel

This is probably a long shot, however, we've been getting a lot of requests lately to give more options for listening to music within our channel. We have about 30 or so tracks that randomly play while people are using our channel (browsing real estate). All of them are relaxing "real estate tour" tracks, however, some of our daily, longtime users want us to change it up or give more options.

Many have requested allowing them to play their Pandora or Spotify while within our channel. Spotify does have an API, however we haven't been able to get it work on Roku. Getting the token has been the issue, even if they do it through a web browser. 

Has anyone done anything like this or have an idea?
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Re: Streaming Radio within Channel

haven't done this but curious; "Getting the token has been the issue"
getting which token from where to where; Your app hits the API and fails to get a token?

The more information and details (debug output showing errors, for example) you can provide the better chance someone can help.
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