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Developer access to beta builds

From the General Forum:
"TheEndless" wrote:
"kc8pql" wrote:
Do they check private channels before an update to make sure nothing broke, or is it up to the developer after the fact?

I suppose that depends on who they have beta testing, but my point is that they've had quite a few people (and developers) reporting video issues, so they may have temporarily pulled the firmware update until they identify the problem, just in case it's more widespread than they realize.

Is there any sort of policy on developers being allowed into the beta program? I would think that any developer with a published channel or an even moderately popular private channel should be allowed access. If this is already policy, some sort of notice to developers might be useful so they know it's an option.

P.S. This doesn't really affect me (I am in the beta), I'm just trying to address what I see as a possible shortcoming. If this is already policy, some token nod here stating as much might be useful so developers don't get caught by a future firmware update causing problems with their channel when all they had to do was request access or something similar.
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Level 7

Re: Developer access to beta builds

I would like that too. I have a channel out there, and with the 2.7 update it killed the HLS streaming from wowza, and had no warning to fix it before the update.
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Re: Developer access to beta builds

We will be rolling out a more inclusive beta program in the near future.
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