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Customizing the XD

I've owned a few HD1000 and currently, have a need for a customizable media player so looking at roku again.

What I need is to customize an interface to a web site which in turn would be set up specifically for the device.
It isn't for a public service, it's a small private service I am being asked to build.

Problem is, I just chatted with sales or support via web and that person tells me the new devices cannot be customized? Is this true?
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Level 9

Re: Customizing the XD

You could created your own custom channel, but you cannot create your own custom firmware or channel store. The Roku HW has a secure boot into it's firmware that includes the Roku channel store. This is to protect our content owners streams as well as provide the optimal user experience for our users.

The only "workaround" I could think of is to create your custom channel and use the ECP to make sure it is launched. Anyone wanting more control, should check the BrightSign products (Roku's sister company) which enable you to create entirely custom digital signage.

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