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Roku Guru

Channel is using stolen media links

Due to Roku not allowing us to delete our messages, the original message in this spot has been here for so long without my desire. I just discovered that I can edit it, though.

We have deleted most of the original message claiming that RFLIX.TV was using "stolen media links". It may be that someone who submitted material to RFLIX could have used our CloudFront distro links if material can be submitted that way. CloudFront won't show me what items were being requested or I could solve this really quick.

I appreciate that RFLIX has reached out and was willing to look into this situation and could find no references to our CloudFront distros in their media grid.

However, the mystery still remains... several other Roku channel names have appeared on my referral list as well, so the common thing is Roku channel owners. I've changed distro names only to find that a few months later the same referrers have appeared again, which suggests that someone might be hacking their Roku device to obtain secret media links.

It's hard to tell exactly what's happening, but new measures have been taken to obfsucate all of our media and feed links.


Reel Rookie

Re: RFLIX.TV Channel is using stolen media links

Hi Coco,

We just came across this thread and reached out via private messaging as well.  We license all of our content from many large and small distributors, but no one has ever reached out to us directly regarding any content that they represent that we haven't licensed.  If there is any issue with unauthorized content, we will immediately address it and pull it until it is resolved.  All of our content is licensed under non-exclusive terms, with the exception of anything we purchase to own.  If we have licensed non-exclusive content from any shady distributors, we would like to immediately track down this discrepancy.  Please reach out to us directly so we can setup a call and review any questionable content as quickly as possible.

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