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Can I use an in-house server

I am trying to put all our mp4 files on an in-house server running ubuntu and apache.  I don't have DNS configured so I am trying to use the ip of the server along with the subdir the the mp4.
e.g.  Works great from a browser but when trying to add it to myRoku channel-- it doesn't.   We are only going to use this in-house and never for public use.         I am using the InstantChannel program to create/maintain  the channel but wonder if there is some kind of restriction in Roku for using an ip adress instead of a dns name.
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Re: Can I use an in-house server

Roku does not have an issue using the IP address, I use IP address to access some of my streams but I don't use the InstantChannel site so I have no idea how their channels work. You should email Scott and ask him but it's not an issue with the Roku device.
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Re: Can I use an in-house server


Try putting http:// in front of the IP address, e.g.

There should be no problem streaming from a local private network Apache server as long as the Apache server is configured to support byte-range requests (I think this is included in most default configurations) and the movie.mp4 file is encoded in a Roku-compatible format and bitrate.

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Re: Can I use an in-house server

When you say it works from a browser, is that from a browser that is running the server or any browsers on different devices on the same network.

If it is only from the browser on the same machine running the server then you may need to log onto your router and use port forwarding to redirect to that particular machine.
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