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Alert regarding open source RokuFramework. Broken on OS 9.3

We were notified that our app is broken on OS 9.3. I have discovered, since I inherited this project last week that it is using a framework by TribalScale, the original developer of our app, that uses eval() in their test framework which is deprecated in OS 9.3, hence breaking our app. Our short term solution is to just comment out the two lines that use eval() in their test framework brightscript file. 

I've posted an issue on the repo, however it looks pretty dead. When I have the time I'll try to get a fix in and submit a PR.

I just wanted to give a heads up in case anyone has used this framework and have published and possibly not tended to their app lately.

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Re: Alert regarding open source RokuFramework. Broken on OS 9.3

I opened a defect on the repo and the owner responded quickly. The fix is to download the latest Roku testing framework and replace it. He will be fixing this on the repo itself soon.

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