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Hi everyone,

I wanted to ask if there is an official documentation from Roku regarding which parts of Apple's guidelines are being followed with regards to the HLS format. I am struggling with the following two issues so far:

1. Roku does not seem to obey the order of the resolutions listed in the master playlist. It should play them in the order they are listed in instead.

2. Roku seems to continue to playback the highest quality stream when it's bandwidth does not allow for it, instead of switching to lower resolution. This leads to constant stream rebuffering and freezing. I am not sure if it is unable to switch due to the way HLS support is implemented, or because it is unaware that it is buffering.

I am testing this on a older streaming stick decvice (3500EU) and am not sure if it is something specific to it. It's software version is the latest (9.2.0 build 4804) as it seems. 

If someone can point me to a document which describes what part of HLS is actually supposed to work I'd be very grateful, and the most helpful would be if there is a list of which part of Apple's guidelines have  been followed and which not .


Thank you!

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Roku Guru


Here, is the documentation for Roku's HLS and Dash Stream. I hope this is helpful to you.