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volume jumps using remote

I have a Roku 4K+ on my non smart Samsung TV. It works fine other than the volume control. When you try to adjust the volume it might go up by 1 step or it might jump 10 - 15 steps all at once. It does this going up or down. Think it might be Samsung related as I have other 4K+ units and this is the only one doing this. I tried rebooting and repairing but neither helped. Any ideas??

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Re: volume jumps using remote

Samsung tvs have given universal and oem remotes fits for years, reason samsung changing the protocol of their  IR commands, result no repeating volume commands. Reprogram the remote for your tv but skip the first positive result and try subsequent codes. 

Now when program it no longer asks if the music stopped, which you would click NO for negative result to get to try another code. But now it asks if the music is still playing, so now Yes is for negative results, and NO positive. 

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