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universal remote for multiple televisions of different brands

Hi, I am the Environmental Service Director at a nursing home. I have 15 Roku tv’s that my residents have lost the remotes for. My question is, Is there a universal remote that will operate the tv’s that will also allow full functionality?
My hope is to have ONE remote that I can use to program all the settings on 15 tv’s and then program a Clean Remote to just control channels and volume of those tvs.
IE pair the Universal remote to a tv, set it up (find all the channels and what not) then program the Clean remote to the tv. Repeat this on the next tv.
Thanks for any help you can afford me
Steve H
St Peters Manor

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Re: universal remote for multiple televisions of different brands

If these are truly Roku tv's, and not your use as metaphor for all smart tv's? Then I would suggest a remote like the Insignia 3 in 1 universal remote sold at Best buy:


Insignia™ 3-Device Universal Remote Black NS-RMT3D21 - Best Buy


It's a three-device remote but only has two device buttons TV & STB. The third device is Audio. This remote is great for Roku tv's, it has a code 4398 tailored for Roku tv's. You can re-mode the STB for tv device and program the same code to both devices, pressing either one won't get the owner confused and lost. 

Roku tv's use two IR code sets, majority uses the same code set, two brands Hisense & Sharp Roku tv use a different code set. But those two last brands accept both code sets. So really there is only one code for all Roku tv's. Which is 4398 in UEI made remotes like the Insignia. Code 4398 will also give them direct access to channel numbers 0-9, for direct entry of channel numbers. 

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