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Reel Rookie

"Video controls are restrictions during Ad play"

While viewing some programs On Demand via Sling TV utilizing my Roku Device ID 213O8C351544 with Serial number YHOOCM351544 I'm not permitted to Fast Forward through a commercial advertisement. During my attempt the following message was displayed: "Video controls are restricted during Ad play". There was no change to this behavior after updating the Software, etc. 
By Sling TV enforcing video restrictions during Ad play for Roku users, by preventing users from Fast Forwarding, Rewinding, etc., during Ad play, this removes a significant benefit to own and operate a Roku device. 
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Roku Guru

Re: "Video controls are restrictions during Ad play"

I’m guessing though that SlingTV’s “feature” is present on other platforms they run on as well.  Of course, if you mean streaming devices in general vs OTA/cable/satellite DVRs, then yes, I think the fish may generally be better at avoiding the hooks with the older devices, than they are with streaming devices.  Indeed, I suspect that many content providers are quite willing to embrace streaming in the hope of more control and thus more revenue from their customers (advertisers.)

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