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Re: bought a Roku Express with a defective remote - how to return it back to Roku to get one that...


Roku doesn't supply replacements for Roku bought outside the US, sorry. Just buy a cheap universal remote from the local store, make sure it controls Roku's. Once programmed with Roku code it will just work without a need to change anything on the Roku itself. Benefit of universal remote is it will control your tv volume unlike the original Roku IR remote. 

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Re: bought a defective Roku Express - stuck on the "Let's get started" page

Thank you for that suggestion @Tivoburkee 

I went out and bought a universe remote for Roku's and it's still stuck on the "Let's get started" page.

So I went out and bought a new Roku Express and I was able to get that to work right away with the remote(s).

I used the remote from the defective Roku Express and it worked on the new Roku Express that I bought! I tried to use the remote from the new Roku Express I bought and it did NOT work on the defective Roku Express.

So it is not related to the remote as all the remotes worked on the new Roku Express that I recently bough.  It seem the Roku Express that I bought last month is basically defective as it is stuck on that **bleep** "Let's get started" page. Software issue?

Does anyone have any tips on how to get pass this "Let's get started" page! Tried resetting it with the reset button, unplugging, used various remotes ....but it is still gets stuck on that same "Let's get started page" screen!

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Re: bought a defective Roku Express - stuck on the "Let's get started" page

In my case I have had a Roku Express for years and been very happy with it, but recently it has started crashing a bit. It has had heavy use for several years, so I wasn't surprised. I bought an Express 4K and got it all set up quickly and easily. But within 24 hours the remote stopped working. I did a hard reset (a bit annoying because I had to log in to all the channels again, and some of them don't have internet login!) but it still didn't work. So I tested the batteries in the remote -- brand new, no problem there. So I got the old Express remote out of the drawer and found that works fine. So I can use the 4K (and I certainly can't be bothered returning the whole thing) but I have a brand new remote that doesn't work. And the weirdest thing is that it looks identical to the old remote. So I think perhaps the IR bulb blew or something like that

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