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Reel Rookie

Express 4K+ Remote Confusion

I’ve been a longtime Roku user but recently refreshed 2 of my players. I bought 2 Express 4K+ devices, one from Target and the other from Amazon within a 2 or 3 day period. Interestingly they came with different remotes. One has an RC833 (Amazon) and the other has an RC786 (Target). 

They seem to behave slightly differently, on the one from Target I plugged in, was never asked about my TV brand, and volume/power/etc worked right away using CEC (Can confirm I can change volume without remote pointed anywhere near the TV). On the one from Amazon, during initial setup it asked me to confirm my TV brand of LG and then had me do the mute test to make sure it had the right IR stuff setup. This device does require me to point the remote at the TV for volume/mute to work, meaning it’s using IR for the TV instead of CEC, however it does correctly switch inputs automatically and power on which means CEC is working for some things. 

Any idea why these two exact same devices purchased at almost the exact same time came with completely different remotes and seem to be behaving slightly differently? The remotes have the same button layout, but the 833 is all matte black plastic on the lower front of it whereas the 786 has the shiny area where you’d expect IR sensors to be able to transmit through. Ironically the 833 is the one using IR for TV volume and the 786 is the one all using CEC. 

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Re: Express 4K+ Remote Confusion

Greetings @xtraman122 

Welcome to the Roku Community and thanks for posting regarding the differences between your Roku Express 4K+ devices? Have you verified that the Roku devices are the exact same model? You can see the specific Roku model device by looking on the bottom of the Roku player.

If the Roku model numbers are different, it's possible that would be why there is a difference in the remotes.

For more information about the Roku Express 4K+ device, you can visit our Support page here:

Please keep us posted what you find out and we will be more than happy to assist you further!


Danny R.
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Re: Express 4K+ Remote Confusion

It appears the "good" one from Target where CEC works for volume/mute is just a 3941X and the one that wants to use IR for volume/mute from Amazon is a 3941X2. I didn't think I'd have to check for model numbers when purchasing with them both being called an Express 4K+, but apparently there are different versions of the same product out there at retailers now based on this.

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