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Volume with Supersonic TV

New installation after having gone thru 5 Remote#s and repaired; volume controls do not work.  Supersonic was listed as a TV choice 

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Re: Volume with Supersonic TV


Thanks for the post.

Perhaps @Tivoburkee can provide further insight regarding the issue you are experiencing, as he's our resident remote expert in the Community.


Danny R.
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Re: Volume with Supersonic TV

I have the same problem trying to pair the Roku Voice Pro with my Supersonic SC-1312.  I wish that Roku remotes could LEARN about Volume and Power settings from a TV's original remote.....

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Re: Volume with Supersonic TV

I'll post hoping it will help someone else. Bought a Supersonic SC-1512 flat screen and even though the Roku set up listed the TV the remote would not work after completing it. So after some research I tried Sharp codes with no luck and the same with Toshiba codes. What did finally work was the Haier codes and to be exact start with the music playing routine used by Roku and code #5 worked for me. Now with that said I could run the volume up & dn and the mute worked. The power button however would only turn the TV off and would not turn it on. I figured out that if I turned the CEC function on in the TV setup then the Roku could turn the set on using a CEC command. Now the home button or back arrow button will turn the set on and all others work as they should. The home button & back arrow button work as normal once the set is on. Pain to figure this out but at least it works!!


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