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Volume & Power Buttons NOT working

Went to bed last night with the remote working fine & now today, it will no longer control the sound/power of my Vizio TV. I've seen previous reports of this issue but none today. 

We've tried re-pairing it, we've tried resetting it. But during the process the music never stops playing & tells us the remote cannot be paired with this TV, but it worked fine yesterday. 

Was there a software update today that changed something?

Issue ID: 59-152-585

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Re: Volume & Power Buttons NOT working

As far as any updates, Roku is rolling out OS 11, so it's possible you received a new OS update.

But let's look at other potential solutions. First, exactly what model Roku do you have? The model number please. Depending on your player and the TV, your volume and power is controlled either by the HDMI-CEC protocol or the remote was programmed to control the TV via IR. 

Pairing the remote to the Roku has nothing to do with the TV control functions if IR is being used to control the TV. If it's controlling the Roku, then it's paired, nothing further to do. And depending on the remote, there may be no pairing. The basic Roku remote is IR only, so there's nothing to pair. But since you're mentioning pairing the remote, I'll assume you have a WiFi Direct remote. 

Check your TV and see if there is a setting for CEC that might have been disabled. Perhaps the TV received a firmware update and it reset that function. It happens sometimes that software updates will change a setting without your knowing. 

There is a menu option under Settings/Remote for setting the remote up to control the TV. You could walk through that setup again and see if you can get it reset for your TV. 


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