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Voice Remote not controlling tv

Can not get Voice Remote to control  (volume and on/off funtions) new LG OLED, the rest  of the remote works fine.

The remote pairs fine. 

It just not find the right code , the music nver stops!

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Re: Voice Remote not controlling tv


I've not experienced this problem myself, but some have reported that by connecting to another network, for instance their phone's wifi hotspot, while setting up their remote for their TV, it enables the TV brand to be recognized so the setup can complete. Once the remote is successfully set up for the TV, you can then return to your normal home network.

Alternate TV brands to try for remote setup if your brand isn't listed or the supplied codes don't work for you.  (Gleaned from posts by remote guru @Tivoburkee )

LG - Try Goldstar, Vizio, Hisense, and Sharp

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