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Trouble Pairing 3810X 4k stick to RC-AL7 voice remote

I am having trouble pairing a 3810X 4k stick to a RC-AL7 voice remote. These used to be paired and used to work. One day they stopped working. I have tried all of the troubleshooting steps I could find online and nothing has worked.

I unplug the Roku from the TV and from power and take the batteries out of the remote. Then I plug the Roku into the TV and plug in the power. The Roku has been reset, so it takes me to the language setup screen. After a few seconds, it goes to the remote paring screen. At this point, I install the batteries into the remote and the green light immediately starts flashing. The remote doesn't pair. If I hold the button on the back for 5 seconds, nothing changes and the remote doesn't pair. If I hold the button on the back from 20 seconds, nothing changes and the remote doesn't pair. I have tried this same procedure on a different HDMI port and a different TV. Are there other things I can try? Is it a dead remote? Thanks in advance!

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Re: Trouble Pairing 3810X 4k stick to RC-AL7 voice remote

I like to get the light flashing on the remote and set it down close to the Roku device before I connect the power to the Roku device.  I believe that's not the recommended way, but it has always worked for me.  A couple of other things to try:  If you have any other Roku devices you may want to disconnect the power to them so that they can't possibly interfere in the process.  It may also help to turn off/disconnect your Wi-Fi.  And finally, make sure you're using good fresh batteries in the remote.  I've had batteries that would work just fine once the remote was paired, but couldn't get it paired in the first place.

One other thing that may be the most important of all, the 3810 uses a USB cable that contains the Wi-Fi module.  If your USB cable doesn't have a bump in it then you'll never get the remote to pair.

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