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Roku remote not working and roku not connected

Just started today been working perfectly fine but this morning my roku says not connected and my remote isnt working, ive changed the batteries tried the reset but nothings working, the green light on the remote continues to blink, but the volume and power buttons work, its not the remote with voice control.

Dont know if its a problem with the remote or the roku its self 

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Re: Roku remote not working and roku not connected

When you have Not Connected on screen it's not referring to your remote, it's the internet that's not connected. Reason the tv controls still work it's being controlled by IR and has nothing to do with Roku itself.

If I had to guess what's wrong? I would first have to assume you have 3810 stick+, it's usb cable is allowing power through, but the long-range wireless receiver, the bump in the middle of the cable is bad. That's where the Internet and Remote communicate with the Roku. 

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Re: Roku remote not working and roku not connected

I have this exact problem. Have tried all remedies mentioned on this board with no success. Any other solutions? : (

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