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Roku Voice Remote Pro sporadically stops being able to control volume...

My sister is having problems with her Roku Streaming Stick 4K+ (model #: 3821R2). It came with the Voice Remote Pro which controls the volume and power of her TV. She says that about once a day the remote will stop being able to control the volume or power of the TV, but will otherwise work to control the Roku normally. She said that if she plugs the remote in to charge, it will then usually work to control the volume and power again. She said that sometimes she also needs go through the volume and power setup process to make it work properly.

I'm thinking of trying to but a new Voice Remote Pro, but I figured I'd check here first to see if there is a fix for this problem before I spend $30 on a new remote.

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Re: Roku Voice Remote Pro sporadically stops being able to control volume...

Problem: Roku Voice Remote intermittently loses ability to send infrared (IR)  Volume, Mute, and Power commands to the TV. 

I've never experienced this problem with any of my Voice Remotes, but It has been reported that updating the remote firmware can fix the intermittent IR command problem.  This can be done via a Roku "secret menu". 

Caveat:  So-called "secret menus" are not officially supported by Roku.  They may not work with all Roku models, and they may be discontinued at any time.

  1) Go to the "secret" Platform Menu. To do this, hit the these buttons in sequence: Home five times, FF, Pause, RW, Pause, FF

  2) Go to RF Remote Menu

  3) Go to Over The Air (OTA) Update Menu

  4) Go to OTA Firmware Update

  5) Update the firmware

  6) Exit 

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