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Reel Rookie

Roku Ultra-remote pairing: tv comes on but Roku shows “Power On?

Pairing Roku Ultra went well. Except when I try to turn on both, the tv comes on, with a row of channels across bottom of screen, and a white background with a prompt or button telling me to “Power On.” Of course all I can do is hit the power button on the remote -which then turns off the tv! And “power on” is there again. Round and round I go, until I give up and unplug the Roku, leaving the tv on, and the Roku reboots and finally I have both on.

This is nuts.

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Roku Guru

Re: Roku Ultra-remote pairing: tv comes on but Roku shows “Power On?

Keep in mind that the power button on a Roku remote is only for the TV.  Rokus don’t turn on and off, but some models will go into a low power mode due to inactivity.  (That can be disabled if you like.)  Next time you see that message (which I assume is from the TV), try pressing the home button on the Roku remote to wake up the Roku and/or disable the power saving mode in settings if it is annoying.

Reel Rookie

Re: Roku Ultra-remote pairing: tv comes on but Roku shows “Power On?

Thanks for the crisp and clear response.

I understand the Roku does not "turn off."

But when I'm done watching something on a channel, I usually exit that channel, which brings me back to the Roku home screen.

Now I shut off the TV.

But the power button on the remote is what has been paired and I use that.

And so it goes round and round.

Is it possible my pairing went wrong somehow?

How can I "un-pair?"

How can I try the home button as you suggested, since no button on the remote gets me out of this?

Thanks again



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Roku Guru

Re: Roku Ultra-remote pairing: tv comes on but Roku shows “Power On?

On an IR remote (as your TV uses), there is no real “pairing”.  The remote either uses the TV’s codeset and the TV reacts or it doesn’t.

So to “unpair” the TV, you can just use a code that doesn’t work.  (Or just don’t press the button.) But I’m not sure exactly what that gets you.  Does disabling the power saving mode help?

Does the situation manifest if you turn the TV off and right back on? What make and model of TV is it?

Oh and yes, when selecting a codeset for the TV, sometimes the first one that seems right (makes the music stop) is not the best one for the TV.  Do you not have the problem if you use the TV remote to turn off the TV?  If the problem goes away if the TV remote is used to power off, then indeed, you might want to lie and tell the Roku the music didn’t stop when It tries that code, so it will try another.

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Community Streaming Expert

Re: Roku Ultra-remote pairing: tv comes on but Roku shows “Power On?

When programming the remote for tv, it no longer asks if the music stopped, it now asks if the music is still playing, in which case you now tell yes for a negative result. Pressing no will end the programming because it thinks you have positive result. 

Roku Community Streaming Expert

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