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Roku Remote "OK" button doesn't work on roku home page

Just got this tv and remote two weeks ago, the OK button will not work on the Roku home page. Once in an app, such as netflix or hulu, it works perfectly fine.... why???? can i fix it???

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Re: Roku Remote "OK" button doesn't work on roku home page


First thing I'd try would be to restart the Roku.

These things are just special purpose computers. Like their big brothers sometimes clearing things out by restarting them can correct problems. (Note that if yours is a Roku TV with "Fast start" enabled, turning it off and back on just puts it into and out of a standby state and does NOT give you a complete restart.) 

Depending on your Roku model and Roku version number you'll find the System restart option under Settings > System > Power  or if not there, under Settings > System.


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Re: Roku Remote "OK" button doesn't work on roku home page

Thank you for posting! I had the exact same problem and this worked for me!