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how to change battery on my remote control, Roku model 4802X

HOW DO I CHANGE THE BATTERY ON MY REMOTE CONTROL, IT COMES ON MY TV THAT I HAVE 6% life left on remote, I open it up and don't see any reg. battery to replace, what do I do, 

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Re: how to change battery on my remote control, Roku model 4802X

Your remote is rechargeable, no battery needs to be changed, look under the Roku name flag for a usb jack, this where you plug in and let it charge. 

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Re: how to change battery on my remote control, Roku model 4802X


Now that you know your remote is rechargeable, here's my recommendation for keeping it in good working order. 

Most rechargeable batteries deteriorate when continously left connected to their chargers after they've become fully charged. They can overheat, their capacity can become reduced, and eventually they can get to where they won't take a charge at all.

I try to remember to disconnect my remote from the charger when I get above 90% or so charge.  Roku menu path Settings/System/Remotes & devices/Remotes/Voice Remote Pro/About will show you the current charge level.  Or do what I do and just disconnect from the charger to pop up the charge level display for a few seconds, without having to stop what you are watching to navigate through the Roku menus.  If you haven't yet reached your desired charge level, just plug it back in.

Now, maybe I just was lucky and received a "good" remote that is not prone to problems, or maybe the care I've taken has kept it in good working order, I can't say.  And I can't tell you I've never forgotten and left it on charge overnight, but it's a rare occurrence that doesn't happen on a regular basis. I've had my Voice Remote Pro for over a year now and I've never experienced the problems many others report with VR Pros that quickly run down or can no longer be charged.


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