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Roku Remote Pro headphone issue/Private listening

I have a new Roku Voice Remote Pro.

I recently used it for the first time to watch a show privately.

When I plug in the jack the TV sound goes off as it should but I only get sound out of the left earplug.

Yes I already checked all my earphones and listening on any other device I have stereo sound.

Should I send this back for a replacement?

I have tried checking all settings.  The previous Roku remote with headphones worked just fine on the same TV. (The previous one was NOT the new rechargeable roku remote pro.

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Community Moderator
Community Moderator

Re: Roku Remote Pro headphone issue/Private listening

Welcome to the Roku Community, @BustedPr0!

Thank you for sharing your concern with us. I'd be happy to investigate this matter and find you the best resolution possible. 

I want to gather further details about this so I can better assess your concern and provide an accurate resolution. With this being said, kindly let me know the following:

  • Where and when did you purchase this Roku Voice Remote Pro?
  • Are these the earphones that came with your Roku remote? If not, what model is your earphone?

In the meantime, have you tried plugging in a different earphone to see if the left earplug functions?

Also, I recommend resetting this remote to refresh its cache by pressing and holding the Back and Home buttons simultaneously for about 20 seconds. After doing so, pair it again and try the Headphones Mode (private listening) to see if this works. 

Your update is highly anticipated.

Best regards,

Carly Y.
Roku Community Moderator
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