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Roku Express Remote Bad out of Box

I have a Roku Express I have been using flawlessly for a little over a year now in the living room.

I recently got a 2nd TV for the bedroom and got another Roku Express. The remote from this set does not work no matter what batteries I put in it. The old living room remote works on this bedroom device. 

I tried the pairing steps I could find for the Express, but all of Roku's support and marketing are for higher end devices. This remote doesn't have a pairing button. 

What can I do? Can Roku send a new remote? The support page said express units aren't eligible for agent support.

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Re: Roku Express Remote Bad out of Box

The most basic express uses an IR remote so there is no pairing.  If you’re sure the batteries are in the in the right orientation (some Roku remotes have the batteries oriented the same way which is not typical) then the easiest/quickest thing to do is swap the whole thing out at the retailer.  You usually have at least 30 days and at some stores, longer.  If you try to do this via Roku, I wouldn’t be surprised if it took one or more weeks.

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