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Remote came without set-up instructions

Got new remote from amazon. it came without any instructions. Tried to use the instructions that came with the old remote. But Roku must have changed the design as they show lights and buttons that are not on the new one. You'd think that, as a loyal subscriber , there'd be a number to call that would help you, but I can't find one. If you go to their support page you find some scam site that just wants your credit card number. Now I'm getting pop-up notifications from them all the time---But that's another problem! Can someone help a technically challenged old man? 

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Re: Remote came without set-up instructions

@Barry10 What device and what remote do you have?  Give us that information and someone will be able to help.

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Re: Remote came without set-up instructions

Here’s a page on pairing remotes with and without pairing buttons:

But, like @HDMIGuy said, there are many roku models and many remotes and not all remotes work with all Rokus.  The “simple remote” doesn’t even use Wi-Fi so it doesn’t pair at all. (But that also means it won’t work with stick models – which you may or may not have.)

Banned but back. Because why not?
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