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Re: Remote Volume Control Issue.

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Hi, I am having the same issue with my volume being stuck at 100, it also makes a constant clicking noise. I’ve tried everything I can find on these forums. Here are my details

-Roku device: Roku TV C401X and jVC model SI50UR
-serial number is X000005A4RR
-device ID S00T60A5A4RR
-software OS/version 10.0.0 build 4209-C0

-does this issue occur on a specific channel? This issue occurs as soon as the TV is powered on and continues to do so no matter what channel ior app is being used

-tracker ID when this issue occurs (when you see this issue occur, press the Home button 5 times, followed by the Back button 5 times) - I did this twice and nothing happens

-steps to reproduce the issue you are seeing-this happens whenever the tV is powered on

-screenshot of what you are seeing on screen-it won’t let me upload but it’s the Home Screen of the device showing th volume at 100 at the top right, and it makes a clicking noise constantly.

Thank you!!

Photo of issue with Roku tv

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Re: Remote Volume Control Issue.

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@Fields628, does the clicking sound stop if you take the batteries out of the remote?

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Re: Remote Volume Control Issue.

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we are having the same problem with the volumn being stuck on 100.  I believe the volumn control button is pressed in and can't turn off.  We can turn it down on the tv but if we press any button at all it zooms back up to 100 by itself.

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Re: Remote Volume Control Issue.

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Thanks for the post.

Can you please provide the serial number of your Roku device from Settings>System>About? I'll be able to assist you further from there.



Danny R.
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Re: Remote Volume Control Issue.

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Pasting in the same information that was found in a similar thread at Solved: Remote Volume Control Issue stuck at 100 - Roku Community

Hi everyone!

Thanks for the posts regarding the issue you are experiencing.

please set your Roku Remote again for TV controls. Navigate to Settings > Remotes & Devices > Remotes > [select your remote] > Set up remote for TV control. For more information about this setup process, visit our FAQ here:

If you are still experiencing an issue, please see this thread for more information:

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