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Channel Surfer

Remote Stopped working only on YOUTUBETV

We have several Apps (Amazon Prime, Max, YTTV, Hulu, etc.) on our ROKU Premiere.

Our ROKU remote no longer works on one of the Apps (YOUTUBETV). It works fine on all the other Apps.

On YOUTUBETV the remote does nothing, not even highlighting any of the choices, including Account.

We've replaced the batteries, checked for ROKU and YTTV updates (none for either), rebooted ROKU, signed out of YTTV, signed back in, un-installed and reinstalled YTTV, but nothing helped.

Any help would be much appreciated, thanks.

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Re: Remote Stopped working only on YOUTUBETV

See if the smartphone app behaves the same way. That will tell you if the issue is in your device or your remote.

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Channel Surfer

Re: Remote Stopped working only on YOUTUBETV

Thank you for responding!

The Roku "Remote" App does work, and I just discovered the Roku remote also works if I press "OK" twice (never had to do that before).

I wish there was a Setting somewhere that would fix that...


Thanks again!


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