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Mute button stuck in with no clicking sound

My mute button recently stopped working. It is physically stuck in the pressed position. Because of this the entire remote does not function because it is being overridden but the mute button. I opened the remote and I can see that the buttons on the circuit board is not moving and is stuck in. So far I cannot get it unstuck. Any suggestions if I can unstick it? Also, any thoughts if I can try to just remove the mute switch with a soldering iron from the circuit board and leave it off? I don't care about the mute function.

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Re: Mute button stuck in with no clicking sound

Those buttons are about the tiniest buttons I've ever seen.  If you can't get it unstuck just remove it.  It shouldn't affect anything - you just won't have a mute button.

I did just try a test with my remote and I can hold in the mute button and my Ultra still responds to the Roku control buttons, so it may not be your problem.  My remote is using IR for TV control (not CEC) if that makes a difference.  Assuming the button is stuck and the batteries aren't dead, you should see the IR transmitter always illuminating when you point the remote at your phone's camera.

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