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Remote Making A Buzzing Sound Noise

I see a lot of posts about this topic. I am also having the same issue...

My Roku voice remote for the Roku Streambar is making a weird noise and some of the buttons do not work. 

Model number of remote: RC399

Model number of Roku Streambar: 9102R

Serial number of Roku Streambar: YL003Y491461

Software version of Roku Streambar: 12.2.5 build 4174-95

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Community Moderator

Re: Remote Making A Buzzing Sound Noise

Welcome to the Roku Community, @SinisterFox!

Thanks for letting us know about the issues you are currently experiencing with the Roku voice remote paired to your Roku streambar. No worries! We're here to find you the best resolution possible.

We want to gather further information about this so we can assess your concern better and provide you with an accurate resolution. Kindly let us know the following:

  • When did this initially start?
  • Is this the remote that comes with your Roku streambar?
  • What specific noise are you hearing? Is this coming from your remote or streambar? 
  • What specific buttons are not working? 

In the meantime, we can reset your remote by pressing and holding the Back and Home buttons simultaneously for about 20 seconds. After doing so, pair it again to see if this will make any difference. 

We'll be looking forward to your response! 

Best regards,

Carly Y.
Roku Community Moderator
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