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No remote and new wifi no way to use the Roku

So background: I bought this Roku two years ago not sure what kind it is cause I lost the bad and only have the model number on the device. Anyways I lost the remote in the move and changed my wifi so now I cannot connect my Roku app on my phone to my Roku. The Roku turns on but I cannot do anything with it because of these two issues. Can I buy a new remote even without the ip adress and only model number. Is there a way around the app to continue to just use my phone even tho I’m on a new wifi?

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Re: No remote and new wifi no way to use the Roku


If you had actually shared the model number, we could have given a quick and easy answer. As it is, you can figure an answer out from this.

If it's a Stick, you need a Voice Remote ($20) or Voice Remote Pro ($30). They're at Walmart, Best Buy, and other such places.

If it's not a Stick, you can get an IR remote. The Roku Simple Remote is $15, from the same places. A cheap universal IR remote will work as long as it says it's compatible with Roku.

If it's a Roku TV, a standard Roku IR remote won't work. A Voice Remote/Pro will work, or you may be able to find one that has a compatible IR code set.

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