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How to dispose a roku safely

for several years now my roku device regularly losses interrnet connection. Originally i blamed others in the household for using bandwidth so I spent money on upgrading the internet but the problem continued even when alone in the house. 
i began searching for solutions on here and third party forums and none of the suggestions worked. 
i even started to think it was an over heating problem so I opened the unit but the unit continued to lose connection every 10-30mins. The majority of the usage was live sport. 
today i followed several posts with the idea of purchasing Google Chromecast and so far its been fantastic without any cut offs. In fact the scrolling using the remote is far better to using than the roku. I cant believe how stressful its been using the roku for the last couple of years. Clearly the business has a problem with its equipment with a proper solution to offer. 

my next issue with roku how do you dispose of it safely! Sustainability is clealy not on the company’s agenda. Producing a product that becomes defective and according to others a brand new device will also have the problem. 

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Re: How to dispose a roku safely

If you really had an ancient Roku 2, it's no wonder you had problems. A newer one would probably work better.

The first thing you should do is go to your Roku account and unlink it from your account. Just scroll down near the bottom, where you can view it. 

Next, factory reset it. You can temporarily connect it to your TV, then go to Settings/Systems/Advanced System Settings, and choose Factory Reset. If you don't want to connect it to the TV, most have a hole somewhere that you can use a paperclip to push and hold for a long time, but it does require power. 

After that, you can look for any local electronics recycling.

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Roku Guru

Re: How to dispose a roku safely

The Roku 2 HD is from 2011, so that really is quite old by streaming media device standards.  No 1080, let alone 4K.  In the world of streaming, any new gadget will generally outperform one from 12 years ago even if the old one was “high end” and/or “expensive”.

If I enter ecycle into bing or google, I get links, starting with my state’s e-cycle page plus links for finding e-cycle locations.  The state’s page shows me 4 locations within 5 miles.

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