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Better Ultra Remote Recommendations

We have been using a replacement Roku OEM remote for just under a year. Works almost as good as the original that came with the 4800x Ultra, and it has worked fine until its charge capacity went to practically zero slowly over the year. Sometime after we bought it, we realized that you had to remember to plug it in daily to keep it recharged - and since my wife and I both use different ear buds, we almost always leave it sitting in front of the TV after use with no earbuds, so that is not an issue with battery life for our use. We had been using rechargeable batteries for all our previous Roku remotes, and that worked great for us - I can't even tell you how long batteries lasted because it was never an issue. This current rechargeable remote is just a pain, and, now, it will not take any charge at all, so we need to replace it in far too short a time period after purchase. 

I have searched Amazon for a remote, but have not found a Roku or third party one that has what we want. Can anyone recommend a replacement?

This is what we need with numbers 1. and 3. being the only absolute ideals:

  1. Wi-Fi
  2. No voice control - we don't use it (and the on-off slider always gets pushed on - no slider or voice access buttons needed). We use our phones to search so we can clearly communicate with the device rather than repeating ourselves to the poorly performing voice interpreter.
  3. Replaceable batteries. This is not a trivial issue - the rechargeable battery is a top complaint when reading online and on this community forum - so why not fix the issue? I see people complaining about the device sucking battery life in mere hours, but we in the past have gotten at least a day between charging, and the Wi-Fi channel is an easy change - that is, assuming the channel issue is what is draining batteries, not just bad engineering - so that is not the charge frequency issue we are describing, just in general short discharge times. 
  4. No quick access buttons. For some reason, of the very sensitive buttons, the Netflix one gets accidentally activated 95% of the time - did Netflix pay extra for that position? If so, what's the point - we subscribe to Netflix, but never use the shortcut button when we actually want to go there! 
  5. An on-off button for the remote so we can turn it off when not in use. The remote, which can no longer take a charge, is still communicating with the Roku and flashing an empty rectangle showing no charge on the screen. I guess you need to crush it to put it out of its misery? 
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