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1-touch play stopped working

New Roku Express 4K: 1-Touch play stopped working. Must go thru Samsung source HDMI choices. Any way to fix this?

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Re: 1-touch play stopped working

You should probably try Settings > System > Power (If not applicable, skip to the next step) > System Restart.  If that doesn’t work, you probably bought a defective Roku unit, and would have to contact Roku Customer Support.

~ Jordan

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Re: 1-touch play stopped working

1-Touch Play is Roku's name for CEC (Consumer Electronics Control). It's not a complete implementation of the full functionality. It will only perform a handful of functions, and they don't always work between devices from different manufacturers. 

Pressing the Home button on the Roku remote will do two possible things, all assuming the Roku is NOT what is being displayed on the TV. It will tell the TV to change the HDMI input to the one the Roku uses, and if there is an AVR in the HDMI chain the button press will also change the AVR input if necessary. 

The only other CEC function that a Roku can perform is volume control. For a Roku remote with volume buttons, they can turn the volume up/down, either the TV or AVR, whichever is controlling the sound. If the remote has a power button, that will turn a TV off, but it uses IR to do it, not CEC. 

I've had some occasional issues with 1-Touch Play, but it's difficult to know if it's a Roku issue or something else in the HDMI chain. Right now, it's working fine on all my Roku players that I've tested. Two connect through an AVR, while the rest are connected directly to a TV. 

I suggest powering everything off, remove and reconnect any HDMI cables (both ends), then power everything back up. If the problem persists, it could be something with the TV. Any chance it received a firmware update recently?


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Re: 1-touch play stopped working


Since the 1-touch play is a CEC feature, you can try going down the list and see if it helps. (CEC is a HDMI feature so just consider everything that is HDMI related when troubleshooting)

1. Verify that the TV's HDMI ports have HDMI CEC Enabled. (diff. manufacturers use diff. names for CEC, Samsung should be Anynet+).  You will need to use your TV's remote (not the Roku remote), to go into the Settings menu and look for HDMI CEC (Anynet+) or the like.  May have to try toggling both on and off and restarting TV.

2. Verify that 1-touch Play is enabled. (Settings/System/Control other devices/1-touch play).  May have to toggle on and off and do a Roku System Restart. ( Settings/System/Power/System Restart)

3. Try using another HDMI cable or try using another HDMI port on the TV.

4. The 1-touch play will not respond to pressing the Power button or the Volume Keys on the Roku Remote (these are for the TV control only).  Make sure you are pressing Home button or any other button besides the TV control buttons on the Roku Remote.

5. Disable the Power Saving feature which seems to cause more issues than its worth affecting HDMI. (Settings/System/Power/Power Savings/Automatic Power Savings 20 min)


Feel free to post an update or if you need more help.

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Re: 1-touch play stopped working

Dan, thank you for explaining what one touch play is!!!!

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