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The smart bulb has poor connectivity when it is only a short distance away from the wifi.

After spending hours working with 2 Smart Bulbs and combing through answers here & elsewhere, the conclusion is that these bulbs are garbage.

If they are not within 3 feet of the Wifi router, they fail to work. I can connect, pair & show the bulbs in the app. They fail consistently if I move them to fixtures more than 3ft away from the router.

The firmware updates failed over & over and I noted as a common problem in support forum & general internet. Once I moved both bulbs to a fixture close to the router, it still took an extraordinary amount of time but finally finished. The bulb connection speeds are ridiculously slow, on the order of 1Mb+ while all other devices function at full speed. Once paired and in the app, they are totally intermittent or fail to work at all as they move farther from the router, and I'm not talking a 2500sq ft house. More than 5ft will induce enough error to fail. Do better. These are poor products.

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