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Why isn’t my TV showing up in screen mirroring?

I cannot find my Roku TV when I try to mirror my screen to it. I am using an iPhone 13. I have restarted both devices, reconnected to the internet, put the screen mirroring option on my tv to prompt and always allow, checked both devices for an update, I’ve tried everything. I am connected to the same wifi on both devices and they are both fully updated. My dad’s TV upstairs appears but mine won’t. Every post I see has the same suggestions but i’ve tried them all. Does anyone have any real solutions? Is my model of tv just unable to mirror or something? I am able to cast using youtube so it seems to support the software.


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Re: Why isn’t my TV showing up in screen mirroring?

Mine was mirroring and I found out they took me for $400 buying games check your bank statement and check any charges you didn't pay for I had to wipe my roku out and start all over again but the mirroring is gone and so are the changes I never paid for hackers gotcha sorry I went through 3 debit cards till they were gone 

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Re: Why isn’t my TV showing up in screen mirroring?


Thanks for the post.

For more information about how to screen mirror using an iOS device, visit our Support page here: Screen mirror your Apple device with AirPlay

Please keep us posted what you find out.


Danny R.
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