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Unsoliced/Unwanted Home Screen Changes

I would like to voice my extreme displeasure with what is happening on the home screen of my ROKU devices. It is very frustrating whenever some unsolicited, unwanted recommendation pops up on my home screen that I am required to “Hide” on each Roku device. I have eight (8) such devices in my home. What I do not have is time to go to each of them to undo or “Hide” something that should never have been there in the first place every time you make an update or new advertisement.

This is very frustrating and annoying as I and many others have voiced in the past. When I have to maneuver around or disable a feature that has been forced onto my home screen on eight different devices, you can see the source of my frustration.

Please consider this before you come up with another iteration of “Recommendation Rows” or “What to watch” or “My offers” or “Spiderwick Chronicles” or whatever you want to push.

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