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Roku Guru

Roku Will Be Adding New Video Ads to Its Home Screen

During Roku’s first quarter 2024 earnings call, Roku’s CEO was asked about ad revenue and the home screen. Anthony Wood said:

But to give you some examples of the kinds of things we’re looking at on the home screen, on the home screen today, there’s the premier video app we called the Marquee and that traditionally has been a static ad. We’re going to add video to that ad. So that will be the first video ad in that we add to the home screen. That will be a big change for us.” Wood went on to say, “We’re also testing other types of video ad units, looking at other experiences we can add to the home screen that would be where we can innovate more video advertising. So that’s something we’re looking at.


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Community Streaming Expert

Re: Roku Will Be Adding New Video Ads to Its Home Screen

I'm sure that will go over well.  🙄

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Reel Rookie

Re: Roku Will Be Adding New Video Ads to Its Home Screen

The day I see video ads on my Roku devices will be the day I order a competitor's product.  I WILL NOT BE SUBJECT TO FORCED VIDEO ADS.  I imagine I'm not alone.  I'll also likely be helping to replace other family members devices as they begin to complain about the ads.  And even worse, you'll have turned a fervent Roku evangelist into a hater.  I don't know if Roku staff even frequents this forum much, but I hope someone can stop this CEO from shooting his own company in the foot.

The various tech websites that have reported on this story are filled with users who are angry even at the thought of this type of bad user experience.  I can only imagine how many families with young children are going to end up with traumatized kids when invariably there will end up being some video ad for a horror movie (especially when there are already reports in this community of inappropriate static ads).

Streaming Star

Re: Roku Will Be Adding New Video Ads to Its Home Screen

Sorry to be off topic. What is disappointing to me is that "Roku" made the decision to briefly add the 3X3 or 4X4 app tile grid size Show/Hide choice option to my device and then made the decision (several weeks later) to remove the app tile grid size Show/Hide as an option of choice. And Roku also made the decision to replace the "Continue Watching" that was associated with Recommendation rows with what is now called "On Now" which to me is basically the same as the "Live TV" option. Roku makes the decision (good and/or bad) to modify the users' device when and if they choose to do so. The ad revenue income will out-weigh any user experience complaint. 

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Re: Roku Will Be Adding New Video Ads to Its Home Screen

Does Roku just want to be an advertisement platform? Many of us pay for premium content in order to avoid ads, Roku lately seems to feel it is perfectly acceptable to force ads onto their customers. This is very Dystopian.

Reel Rookie

Re: Roku Will Be Adding New Video Ads to Its Home Screen

Yes, they do. 86% of their profits come from ad related sales and just 14% comes from sale of Roku devices/hardware. Their priority and main focus is selling the screen that we bought and paid for to the highest bidder. Let's see if they ban, block and delete me here like they did on Reddit.  😕

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