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Unhooking Roku Ultra after too many "hands-free voice" nags

I've finally had enough.  For a long time, my content would frequently be blocked by alerts that "hands-free voice is off".

Those seem to have stopped, but now anytime I do anything, there's a new alert that I should try doing it with hands-free voice.  The latest one was "Hey, do this with hands-free voice! Just say Hey Roku, pause".

These alerts block a big chunk of the screen and I've finally had it.  I have no intention of using hands-free voice of even turning it on, and if Roku doesn't want me using the remote to control the Ultra, I'll no longer use the Ultra.  That's it.

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Community Moderator
Community Moderator

Re: Unhooking Roku Ultra after too many "hands-free voice" nags

Hi @mikeschr,

Thank you for posting here at the Roku Community!

For this issue, we recommend resetting the remote to see if that helps with the issue you are experiencing.

To reset the remote, hold down the pairing button on the back of the remote for 20 seconds. If your remote does not have a pairing button, you can try to click and hold the home and back buttons for 20 seconds, and then once that has been completed, you can try to repair your remote by clicking the same buttons for 5 seconds.

For more help, you can freely browse this article: How to set up your Roku voice remote.
Keep us posted if you are still experiencing the same issue after these troubleshooting steps, and we'll assist you further.

Warm regards,

Nadee K.
Roku Community Moderator
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