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Streaming Stick+ not working...open support tickets for a full year now!

It's been a full year since my Roku Streaming Stick+'s poor performance was first raised to Roku Support. Three separate attempts to have this addressed have resulted in radio silence from your organization. This is embarrassing.

Support Ticket requests:

All of these tickets are the same issue, and in each, Roku Support has advised they are "investigating", with no response to follow-up inquiries. End these investigations. Refund my purchase price. This device hasn't performed properly, and the issue was first reported well within the warranty window.
A whole year? Really? That's the opposite of customer service. Let's see what you can do to make this right.
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Community Moderator
Community Moderator

Re: Streaming Stick+ not working...open support tickets for a full year now!

Hi @UpUS,

Thanks for reaching out regarding the issue you are experiencing and we're sorry to hear about this wasn't a smooth resolution.

I can see that you’ve been in contact with our support team regarding the slow performance of your Roku device. Rest assured that I’ve escalated your support request.

We sincerely appreciate your patience. Keep an eye on your email, a member of our support team will be in contact.

Best regards,

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