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Streaming Star

Re: Roku disables players and TVs with attempt to coerce arbitration agreement

Interestingly I recent received an email that starts off:

"On March 7, 2024, our security monitoring systems detected and alerted us to an increase in botnet activities that appeared to target Roku accounts."

Seems Like a System wide email.

So...    Their New TOS maybe aimed at blocking group class actions..limiting to individual action and arbitration.  Over past and future breach's like account breachs that could empty ones bank acct if use debit card or charge ones credit cards

What if you use debit card and say $1000 in roku boxes were bought etc  from roku...

Re: I do not agree to your terms of service.

Already filed a complaint with State AG.

My and my friends and family, many of which have a Roku TV, will not be purchasing one in the future.

Just because it is currently lawful to modify the terms of use after a purchase has been made, is by no means a justification to engage in such filthy business practices.

Whether their legal council received and processed my Opt-Out or not, I'll soon be selling or trashing my Roku Devices.

I very much support the creation of any consumer device that interferes with Roku's ad insertion plans. Waiting for a kickstarter.

Shame Roku. You deserve either going bankrupt or being bought-out in the next 3-5 years. You have cemented your status as a garbage company. I look forward to your market segment pivot, and will applaud a future exclusivity agreement to supply all the screens on future Boeing Aircraft. Y'all can crash and char together. Further, screw y'all for restricting speech- obviously _burn_ is restricted bc y'all don't want ppl talking about display artifacts. So trash.