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Reel Rookie

Re: I don't agree to Dispute Resolution Terms update. TV now unusable. Now what, Roku?

To Click or not to Click.🤔
Truth is it might be time for Peter to Paul,

Oddly  enough Roku wants a letter to opt out as well as a complete list services and devices as well as receipts?  Don’t we all know that each device has an ID# and Roku already knows what devices you have. Duh.. When you contact Roku CS they even know if the device is located in the living room , bedroom, guest room…..
Read the link and learn the facts. See what this is really about. S… does roll down hill.  Now it’s here.



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Re: Roku can take their coercive TOS and stick it where the sun doesn't shine.

You should absolutely get a refund for services you paid for but are being blocked from receiving. Roku is getting a cut of these channels subscription revenue based on providing their services to you under the Roku umbrella. 
They could end up getting these big name third parties in a class action if they keep playing with people subscriptions like that. Not to mention the loss of all the ppl who will cancel all their subscriptions under them and go direct to the Channel and subscribe direct as I have done. 

Binge Watcher

Re: Roku disables player with attempt to coerce arbitration agreement

FTC report filed under the FRAUD section.

Re: How to fix "Dispute Resolution" message on TV

The forced "Agree"- ment, Roku is inflicting upon the purchasers of their products is unethical as the language is drowning in double-talk to simply confuse and only provides an avenue for the Roku company, subsidiaries and thereof.

Personally, I am going to request full refunds on ALL of my Roku devices and then return the items to the company without my blessings.  

Geez. If ONLY I did not work in a Law Firm. Um-Um-Um. What is comical (Frankly speaking) Roku, you have managed kick the very people that have elevated your company and products and filled your bank accounts to the brim AND NOW, you want to hold people hostage? "Ew".

2. Not only this, you BLOCK customers from accessing their Roku devices and/or their televisions if "Agree" is not accepted?


3, To Add, you have the pure unadulterated nerve NOT TO DIGNIFY PEOPLE BY SENDING THE EXHORBANTANTLY LONG LEGAL DOCUMENT TO READ via e-mail AND/OR dare I say, snail-mail. Instead, you want us to read the manuscript on the Tele via a Roku Device? LOL!!!


Stop it I say!


How absolutely incomprehensible, lackadaisical and utterly buffoonish at best Roku.


Pat yourselves on the back.


The proverbial football you have punted toward the goal post, missed it mark substantially. 



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Re: I don't agree to Dispute Resolution Terms update. TV now unusable. Now what, Roku?

I agree, what is that? Are they sueing me? I just got home turned on the TV and got the same message. They say to go to the website, but that doesn't help. I wish I could talk to someone who knows, or... Anyone at all? Lazy corporations like to mess with you by having no customer service, just threats  pathetic.


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Binge Watcher

Re: Using roku means you agree to new terms

On the surface, this doesn’t seem like a big deal.  What are the odds that a user would ever have reason to sue Roku anyway?  Since it appears that this change is mandating individual arbitration, non-legal-expert me assumes that it is intended to make sure that they can’t be hit with the equivalent of a class-action suit, just by arbitration instead.  Seems like reasonable risk management for them.

But I could be totally wrong.  Would be interested to see the opinions of those more knowledgeable on the issue.

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Re: Dispute Resolution Terms Blocking Access to TV Functionalities

Time for me to look into the Amazon fire stick to replace the roku units. The very least Riku could have done was to offer to email the new arbitration to be able to read it more clearly. 

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Re: Dispute Resolution Terms Blocking Access to TV Functionalities


I got an email from ROKU on 2/23/24 about the changes:

We wanted to let you know that we have made changes to our Dispute Resolution Terms, which describe how you can resolve disputes with Roku. We encourage you to read the updated dispute resolution terms.  By continuing to use our products or services, you are agreeing to these updated terms.

Thank you for making Roku part of your entertainment experience. 

The Roku Team


The change is really not much of a change, The stuff about arbitration and class action has always been  there. Terms are here. Link was included in the email:


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Streaming Star

Re: Dispute Resolution Terms Blocking Access to TV Functionalities

The RDRT actually has changed substantially (becoming more elaborate) over time. The main addition in the current iteration was allowance for Mass Arbitrations procedures. Group arbitrations were explicitly precluded in earlier iterations. I believe 'governing law' changed from California to Delaware. The opt-out clause removed the request to provide Device SNs (possibly due to software like the Roku Mobile App not using serial numbers).

Note: In general, arbitration is notoriously unfavorable to non-corporate parties since arbitration firms know who pays the bills. So, opting-out if offered is worthwhile.

Regardless, Roku really stuck their fingers in a hornet's nest here and are going to get stung!

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Re: Dispute Resolution Terms Blocking Access to TV Functionalities

Yep! It worked! Thanks!

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