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Binge Watcher

Re: Roku disables player with attempt to coerce arbitration agreement

Ah ok, thanks for that.

I was referring to ppl who said they had pushed home and the back button and other buttons.

Tried HOME pushing repeatedly again. No result. Tried Home and Back and got the Error Report screen. Pressed HOME again and the pp-up was gone. Was able to launch Hulu and start a movie. BUT when I went back out of Hulu the pop-up was back. So it seems like it will always show up.

Found the Secret Menu (Hx5->FFx3->RWX2) and thought a software update might help. No joy, same version of software as current, and on return to Main Screen the pop-up was back.

Someone else mentioned unplugging the device. I actually did that for a few (3 hours) on one device and on power on...the dreaded pop-up.

This is annoying and a complete waste of my time. Ugh!


Reel Rookie

Re: Class Action Suit - not happy with being forced to agree

I am very frustrated with the window that comes up and gives you no choice but to agree! there is no place to disagree and because I do not want to agree Roku is keeping me from being able to watch any TV. This is like being held hostage and I pay good money for my TV. This window prevents me from watching TV unless I hit agree...this is so wrong and I have not hit the button just on principle. I have been trying to get the window off for two days with no help from Roku! Spectrum did say that Roku has control and they cannot do anything to help...my nieghbors are just saying okay but I do not want to and feel I should have a choice. Roku never has a person to talk to chatbots or robots or whatever and if you want a tech you have to pay and they usually end up stopping the conversation and I'm left hanging

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Binge Watcher

User Agreement Update / Hostage Unit

When I tried to use my Roku Streambar today, suddenly there was a popup window telling me that I had to [immediately] agree to their new terms of the user agreement.  
This was completely by surprise.  No advance warning was given so users had the opportunity to review the agreement.  
i fail to understand how they should be able to alter the agreement of a unit I purchased a couple of years ago.  As far as I am concerned, they don't have the right to do this.  
Essentially, they are saying you have to agree to our new terms right now or you can't use your unit at all until you do.  I can't bypass that popup window by anything short of agreeing to these new terms.  
I am a long time Roku user.  I have helped a number of my friends set up their Rokus.  I have been very happy with the unit.  But I am not happy with this.  
I am seriously considering getting an Apple TV box rather than submit to this action that I consider akin to holding something that is my own property as hostage.  
I glanced through that agreement.  My perception is that they are making you agree to arbitrate with them thereby giving up your right to sue them.  There is probably more to it as well.  
I have to ask why they are so suddenly shoving this down our throats?  Have they got something they are afraid they are going to be sued for?   
I have an Apple store only eight miles from me.  I may pay that store a visit tomorrow afternoon and come home with a new unit.  
This is absurd!   
The exact wording of the popup is: 'We've Updated our Dispute Resolution Terms.  Select 'Agree' to agree with these updated terms and to continue enjoying our products and services.'.  
There is no 'Disagree' or way of exiting this popup window.  Which means you can't use your own unit.  
I contacted Roku via Messenger.  They said they would resolve this for me and asked for the text of the message.  I photographed it and sent them the image.  They have not gotten back to me or even acknowledged the receipt of the image.  They haven't let me know when I would hear back from them.  
I think this is a pretty sneaky thing to do.  

Channel Surfer

Re: User Agreement Update / Hostage Unit

Call them and see if their call center says different: 816-272-8106 

Reel Rookie

Re: "We've made an important update" is stuck on screen

this is happening to me for the last two days and i get no help from ROKU...we should not be forced to agree which is what they are doing there is no place to disagree!  Roku is controlling my TV and unless I agree I get no programs...this must be illegal??  unconstitutional at any rate...how do you get rid of that blankety blank window so I can watch what I want?  Help! 

Streaming Star

Re: Roku disables player with attempt to coerce arbitration agreement

I chose to file complaints against them at the Better Business Bureau of California, My state's Att General, and the FTC (cannot spell ATT out.  Roku bots won't allow it).  If we continue to allow these businesses to control us and the products we buy, they will do exactly that.  This is not legal people!  Your freedom of choice is being taken away!  LET YOUR VOICES BE HEARD!


Re: Dispute Resolution Terms Blocking Access to TV Functionalities

I agree with this post. I own 10 Roku TV's but am being held hostage on Sunday night to watch a recording on my cable box until I agree to new terms limiting my dispute resolution options.  I will never buy another Roku again.  They just went from hero to zero. Roku is finished.  I will sell short their stock.  Very sad!

Brian from New Orleans

Reel Rookie

Re: Roku disables player with attempt to coerce arbitration agreement

Exactly and the Opt out is not shown on the popup. You have to go and read the full terms to find how to opt out and its via a LETTER ON MAIL, yes, a letter and you have 30 days to send it. 
Why would Roku coerce it's users into Accepting these terms which strip away their rights as a consumer? What is Roku hiding?

Reel Rookie

Re: Dispute Resolution Terms Blocking Access to TV Functionalities

I was clicking Home and back button and accidentally clicked the middle button (which accepted).... and i do not accept 😫😫


Re: "We've made an important update" is stuck on screen

if you don't agree to the terms of service, I think a class action is still possible. more details to come soon.

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