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Reel Rookie

Roku Ultra with Earc and Multiple HDMI Inputs

We are looking at upgrading our large meeting and conference rooms. We would want to switch from cable boxes to use the apps on a device such as Roku Ultra. We also need the ability to select a meeting computer as an input and output all of this to a projector. If Roku had a box with at least 1 input with the ability toto turn on another display such as a tv or projector, it would allow corporate meeting rooms to simplify their setup using only one remote and not need to install large systems using ip configurations and apps. Has it been considered to add such a product? The only way we know to do this is to use a Roku television as a hub. These extra tv's would just get in the way. There is a similar request for home use out there as well.

Roku device with HDMI inputs...? - Roku Community

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