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Roku streaming and App feature request

Hello -

I am new to the community and have several Roku streaming devices linked to my account in my primary home and a vacation home.  I have searched for this and apologize if it has been discussed already but my number 1 feature request is to have an OPTION to set the same settings for all Roku streaming devices under one account without having to do it on each device.  This includes but is not limited to CHANNEL LINEUP ORDER, screensaving, as well as login credentials and perhaps some other settings.  If there isn't a way to broadcast settings to all devices under the same account, what about on the same network?  Or perhaps the ability to copy from one streaming device to another on the same wifi network?

This feature would make cutting the cord so much more seamless for multi-TV households so that all TVs behave similarly which is what cable boxes do.

Thanks in advance!

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Community Moderator

Re: Roku streaming and App feature request

Hi @tzami,

We are happy to have you join the Roku Community!

We think this is a fantastic idea. We'll make sure the right people at Roku see this.

If you still need a hand, don't hesitate to get back here and let the Community know about it.



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Re: Roku streaming and App feature request


... but don't get too excited.  This has been repeatedly requested for the ten years or so that I've been a Roku user, with no apparent attempts at implementation.

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