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Roku Trying To Automatically Rearrange App Tiles - More Home Screen Annoyances!

I got a new prompt on my screen asking me if I want to allow Roku to rearrange the app tiles on my Home Screen whenever it wants! Whose stupid idea was this? Another setting I have to go to under the Home Screen settings to disable by putting it on Manual.

Why would anyone want Roku shuffling their app icons automatically? Roku you are becoming way too intrusive on the Home Screen and I'm getting tired of it! Just like the new Weekly Trivia category nonsense that has popped up on my Roku devices which is yet another thing I have to disable in the Home Screen settings.

Roku what is your problem? Leave our screens alone! I want a setting created to block all of this nonsense! The first thing I do when I see something added to the Home Screen is immediately go to the settings and disable it, then a few days later a new category gets added that is also enabled by default which I must disable next.

Does Roku get off on screwing with people's devices? Leave our purchased devices alone! Stop trying to undo our customizations! Once I set everything the way I want it I expect it to remain that way until I change it myself!

The people at Roku pushing this intrusion should be fired! I doubt they'd like it if someone messed with their devices without permission. So stop messing with all of mine!

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